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Every 07-08 players of ROBLOX knows who 1x1x1x1 is. Admins and moderators obliviously remembers him.

But who really he is ? Here are some of informations.

I recently asked some 07-08 players anything about 1x1x1x1
blockold –
1x1x1x1 is also known as “Dignity” or “Zuka”.
He was an hacker, a bad player.

Some people say he was laggin too much (lots of lags
where he was). Also he made appear lots of messages like
“Telamon’s security sux!”
One day Dignity appeared at Sword Fight On the Heights
He was acting strange. Peoples there, including me, noticed
he said something like “Total iniallation in 5 minutes”
After that he godded himself (Probably god hack)

He also started saying scary things, and spawned lots of AIs named scene !
He banned everyone from the place, and after we were back in, guess what ?
He was flying with a plate !
I used to kill him when he landed.. I made it 3 times.
Then he unlocked everything that was in the game, and deleted every single brick !
He started spawnkilling us, and, I left.
He also made the infection script. Peoples started making vaccines, and the
script it’s still here today. It’s going even stronger, but we have the best
of the best : Tazer by Ozzypig.
The biggest strange scary thing, is this one.
From what my friend said,
A black spiralling dot was behind me with RED eyes.
Greyhound40 (My friend) Tried to shoot him,
But I moved and blew up. Then 1x1x1x1 Noticed (The black dot) and Spammed.
What happend after this ? It killed my pc in lag !
But in ROBLOX Studio. My sister also saw this.. And the dot was white.
He also hacked Are92.
That’s all i know of 1x1x1x1.
Blockold informations helped this alot, but from the other infos i got, things are changing alot.

Look at this.

Dignity was NOT 1x. And 1x was a group of
exploiters/ a virus created by Dued1. He did it on accident.
Dignity was a good person. He beileved he could make roblox a better place,
but 1x had other plans for him. Dignity was pass guessed and 1x used him as a
social puppet. Dued1 was creating an anti lag script but it turned into the 1x virus.
Alot of chaos happened one thing led to another.
Dignity and 1x were banned, Dued1 was given a second chance. The end.

Now we start getting what happend. 1x1x1x1 wasn’t a person ! It was a group of peoples!

But who where those peoples ?  Blockold have find this character when he was browsing for


He found an account called “Zukaisdignity”.

Here’s the personal blurb of this player… Probably an alt.

1=dignity 1=zuka 1=vonson 1=deoveolete all of it = 1x1x1x1 Ps im not 1x1x1x1 >_>

Everyone says that.

Anyway, we have more things to show you. Look at those infos by Xena218!


1x1x1 Was a group of people, not just one person. 1x1x1 Included Zuka and a few others I have no idea who they are.

Basicly they created a riot in the forums saying how 1x1x1 was going to take over.

Dignity was a hacker, but he didn’t do anything harsh with his hacking powerz (That I know of).

The conclusion ?

1x1x1x1 was a group of four peoples (Dignity, zuka, vonson and deoveolete) wich got banned. This account was made by

Dignity. Why did him made the account ? Dignity thought he could’ve made ROBLOX a better place, but 1x had other plans.

So somebody got Dignity’s pass and changed it. The hacker uset Dignity as a social puppet. Dued1 were creating an anti lag script,

but it turned into the 1x virus, making think mods and admins that Dignity and Dued1 were a bad guy. That’s why sometimes Dued1 is banned.

Dignity and 1x were banned, and they leae alone Dued1. Complicated, uh ?